Kinds of currencies in plants vs. zombies 2

Would you like to play games? If yes then today we come with a trending game which is full fill from lots of happiness. The name of the game is plants vs. zombies 2 which is developed by popular studio Electronic Arts. The game is also the best platform to show your skills and performance. In all over the world, it is downloading by 100 million people. In it, 10+ crazy worlds are available to complete the missions and tasks. You can also grow the power plant in the game.

Types of currencies-

In plants vs. zombies, 2 various kinds of coins are which are used to purchase and upgrade the things. Without it you are not able to play the game means it is must require at the time of playing. It is not easy to earn, but some essential ways make it possible. Here today we will give you full information about currencies. If you want to get complete detail about it, then read the article.

  1. Coins
  2. Gems

These both are the types of currencies, and each currency is used for different work and tasks.

  1. Coins- The coins are the primary currencies of plants vs. zombies 2. With the help of it, you can purchase and update the things. You can buy the power-ups; upgrade the plants and much more. It obtains to very hard but with the help of missions, daily rewards and events you can make it possible. Two types of coins are available in the game.
  2. Gold Coins
  3. Silver Coins

You can also purchase it with the help of real currencies. On the official site, many value packs are available to purchase it.

  1. Gems- It is also a premium currency of the game. With the help of it, you can buy the resources to play in a proper way. It is useful to boost the plants and purchase the certain plants with the help of it. It always obtains very hard, but with Plants Vs Zombies 2 Cheats you can get more for free. When you complete the missions, then you will get free rewards.

Use currencies wisely-

The coins are an essential part of the game. Without it, you cannot play, and it is also obtained to very hard. You can spend the coins on upgrades and other things. It means always spend it on useful items which are essential to play the game.