Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery- Tips which makes you Expert

The Jam City Inc recently launched their favorite Adventure game Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. The game is made by harry potter movie. It is available free to play, but essential things are purchasable from real money and virtual money. If you love to play an adventure game, then it is the best opportunity for you. You can make own avatar and enter into the missions. All the famous movie characters are available which make the game accessible. If you are the game lover, then you should need to know some important things.

  1. Choose Energy-

You know very well in the game tasks, and lesions are available. When you complete the task, then you will get some rewards. In the rewards, you have chosen of gems, gold, energy points. In this situation, you should always select the energy points because it is useful to play the game. You can earn the gold in lots of ways, but energy is very hard to obtain. As per our suggestion always collect the energy points to play long in the game.

  1. Way to unlock more rooms-

If you are beginners then during the first three chapters, you will see the most doors are closed. For playing the game continues you can open the room. As per story progress, the doors also unlock automatically. Via complete the missions, lesions you are able to unlock rooms. It is also the best source to get free coins and points. So complete the chapters to go on next chapters and open the rooms.

  1. Quick time events-

It is the best part of the events means in it lots of essential missions are available. These all the missions are used to get free coins and boost up the level. If you complete the quick time event correctly, then you will earn extra rewards.

  1. Make new friends-

The friends are the best source to get free rewards. When you make the new friend in the game, then you will get the free bonuses. You can also link the game with a Facebook account to get free coins and save the data.